We’ve found a fantastic partner to work with in India to install water filters in a village

Things are falling into place!  We’re excited.  This is going to be a busy couple of months for us.

We’re in the middle of a four-month stay in India.  Within the last week, we talked to two exceptional people from the of the South Asia Pure Water Initiative, Mike Lipman (in the United States) and Ram Gauda (in India).  Their organization’s goal is to install thousands of these types of biosand water filters in India.  They’re a small an focused organization like us; they seem like they’re going to be a fantastic partner to work with.  We’ve decided to help them.

SAPWII bio sand water filters (image from SAPWII.org)


This coming Saturday, we’re going to travel with Ram to see:

  • The factory that they use to build the bio sand water filters.
  • A village that has had dozens of bio sand water filters installed.
  • A village that is in need of approximately 100 biosand water filters.

An update with more photos and details is coming soon.

Photo credit: sapwii.org

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