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Innovation Award Project

What: A semi-annual award given to an individual or team responsible for developing an innovative solution related to affordable water filters. This supports our fist goal of Improving the Design of Low Cost Water Filters.

When: First award to be presented in October, 2014

Where: The Water Institute’s Annual Conference (University of North Carolina)

Funding Target: $10,000

Funding Raised: $10,000


Indian Villages Project

What: Deliver 1,000 biosand water filters to 1,000 families in 10 Indian villages. Water filters will be delivered to 1,000 homes; each family will receive their very own water filter. Each water filter is designed to last 25-30 years with little maintenance, being one the best long term solutions.Indian Kids

When: Fundraising began January 1st, 2013

Where: Small villages in India (most of them near Bangalore, AKA “Bengaluru”)

Funding Target: $30,000

Progress: We have reached over 40% of funding target, which has allowed us to provide help for four whole villages! Thanks to so many generous people, the Indiegogo campaign, UNC vs. Duke Competition, and other donations, raised $12,100! We are astounded how far things have come, though additional donations are most welcome!

Not Just “Here You Go. Good Luck. Bye Now.”


  • A trusted community steward is trained to operate and maintain village filters for one year
  • Educational program to teach village children water sanitation (this includes a bar of soap for each school child)


  • Experience has shown that recipients value the filters more and take better care of them when they have paid some of their own money for them for them.
  • To increase the sense of ownership by families receiving a filter, each family receiving a filter pays 240 Rupees (approximately $5) for it.
  • 100% of donations we receive for this program go towards these two things:
  1. Paying $25 per water filter (e.g., $25 of the $30 cost) and to
  2. Training and education

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