Aidan Asks for Support from Duke Fans

Help me Crush my Brother, Defeat UNC’s Backers, and Save Lives!

I’m trying to raise money to buy water filters for poor families in India and I’d really appreciate your help. Please consider donating $25 to purchase a water filter. These filters are designed to last 20-25 years.

Reasons to help:

  1. For the price of a couple pizzas, you could save two families from sickness and disease for many years. (The filters cost about $25 each, but we have a matching grant for up to $10,000 of donations for this contest, so your donation will be doubled).
  2. If you, my fellow Duke fans, give more than UNC backers in this contest, my brother (a big UNC fan) will have to wear a Duke shirt to our school for a week. That would be close to the greatest thing that has ever happened in my lifetime.
  3. Even better, if you kind and generous Duke fans contribute more than the UNC guys, my brother has agreed to go to the Duke campus wearing his UNC shirt, bow down, and kiss the ground in front of the James B. Duke statue. He says he’s happy to make this offer because he is so confident that UNC fans will donate more than “those lame, penny-pinching Duke guys.”

So please help by clicking the button below!

Aidan, Age 9

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