... (2)Zach Hunter

Zach, 14 years old, is CEO of this Aztech Labs, and webmaster of the Aztech Labs site.

Water-Related Interests: Zach hopes to help improve water filter designs. He came up with the idea of hosting a water filter design competition and awarding a cash prize to encourage innovative designs. A widely-respected water expert at the University of North Carolina, Dr. Jamie Bartram, loves the idea is helping to make it a reality.

General Interests: Zach enjoys reading, drawing, math, playing chess, and playing video games. If left to his own devices, he would get lost playing Minecraft for hours. Like lots of teenagers, he loves pizza, burgers, and soda. Zach’s favorite forms of exercise are running, and ultimate frisbee, and he also loves to compete and knows how to fence.

A few little known facts are that Zach is a Dungeon Master and he started coding Javascript at age 11.

Aidan Hunter

Aidan (2)

Co-founder Aidan, 11 years old, is Secretary of Aztech Labs. He keeps us organized. He is a huge fan of sports. His favorite sports are basketball, running, lacrosse, and American football.


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