Trip to Guatemala

Recently, in July, Aidan and Lenora of Aztech Labs went to Guatemala. And they worked on a water filter project with a local patron, Mil Milagros, to donate and install 41 Sawyer water filters to school children’s families.

Aztech Labs chose to help Guatemala because it is a poor country with low health standards. Not only is it a third world country, with the 4th worst water sanitation in the world, but it is also closer to the US, making it easier to travel there to help. In Guatemala, tap water is not safe and requires intense boiling to become drinkable. They have rich culture and a beautiful country and deserved to be helped.

Aidan and Lenora helped by assembling Sawyer bucket filters and cutting in the their needed holes. These filters, along with pencils, were then delivered them to mothers at two poor schools, one called Nuevo Progreso the other called Pahaj, which could not supply their students with proper drinking water.

At the the first school (Nuevo Progreso), we gave water filters to the students’ mothers. Afterwards, Aidan played soccer with them. Later, in the second school (Pahaj) we helped install Sawyer filters into buckets. They had to cut holes in the buckets to properly install the filters. Overall we were happy to help the families have clean water. One mother said:

“For us, this is very special, because the children are drinking water at school thanks to Mil Milagros.  Now, we can give them (clean) water at home, too.”

To accomplish this project we worked together with Mil Milagros ( and Water Charity. When MM got to the school they was met by energetic school children. Thanks to everyone’s work and his help, dozens of students will be able to drink clean water and live a healthy life!


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