Meeting With the Biosand Filter Supplier

Today we met with Rama Chandra, the man in charge of building our Biosand Filters. His work area seemed to be following the CAWST suggestions on how to make BSF’s. It looked like it was in good shape and has about 500 filters in storage. We can’t wait to give them to some villages!

Rama Chandra not only showed us his workplace, but also let us visit two villages. The first one already got water filters a while ago from SAPWII, they seemed very happy and were excited to see us. We then visited Nelavagilu, a village that does not yet have filters and we have decided to help. The money will be donated in a couple of days and then in about two months the filters

will be installed and the villagers will know how to use them. When we arrived in Nelavagilu over a hundred people were waiting for us! We couldn’t believe it! This is the first village we’re going to pay for and with just $1,000 more we’ll pay for our second village